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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Due to the flexibility of the Aqua. X material they will mould you your arm size naturally. Unfortunately, we do not cater for children at this stage…

IceRays sleeves are designed to wear for hours because of the wide soft band at the top, this provides with the added advantage of being super stretchy, lightweight, and if treated according to washing instructions will not slip down. you will forget you are wearing them.

Because they cool with the moisture in the skin on a cold day  when you are not sweating  they act as an extra layer under a jumper but you most likely would not buy them for warming…. the main function is cooling and UV protective in the summer.

IceRays is protective against the UV rays of the sun and may give a level of protection against biting insects however you may need to use other products on the market to stop a persistent mossy.

IceRays colours include  Black, white, skin tone, charcoal, Light Grey, Light Blue, Pink and Navy , all meet our strict requirements to provide customers with a product that Meets the guidelines of the certification we hold.

The technology works with the moisture in the skin and the movement of air. It’s a bit like when you get out of the pool and a breeze hits your skin and you feel really cold, it’s a similar sensation because the sleeves keep the moisture close to the skin so that any movement of air feels very cool.

Much better than sunscreen and much cooler than long sleeve shirts. We are the only brand fully tested and certified by ARPANSA which is the Australian Radiation Testing Agency

We recommend hand washing as they have a longer life and they dry quickly so they can be used sooner. We have added another row of stitching on the cuff however our recommendation would be to hand wash. Why? –  The motion of the machine can get a hold of the odd loose thread and unravel them as mentioned on the pack.

Nothing is totally indestructible and IceRays may  snag if caught on obstacles but will not run so the useability is not affected.  We recommend you wear protective clothing while doing heavy pruning.

IceRays are:

  • 50+ UV Protective
  • Fully tested and certified by Arpansa
  • Instant cooling – made from a high tec fabric
  • One size fits all
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